Hurt by Someone Else’s Careless or Negligent Behavior? Lewisville, TX Personal Injury Attorney Kent Starr Gets You the Financial Compensation You Deserve.

So this is it, isn’t it? You’re injured, and you’re fairly sure that you wouldn’t be had someone else acted responsibly. There’s a million ways you can experience a personal injury. Maybe one of them below fits what happened to you:

  • Car accident
  • Work accident
  • Slip-and-fall
  • Someone’s dog bit you
  • You were assaulted
  • A defective product hurt you
  • A careless doctor or dentist caused you a major injury
  • Your loved one was abused in a nursing home

Regardless of the cause, now you’re stuck with a lot of stress and tough questions to answer, like:

  • Can you hold the other person financially responsible for your injuries?
  • How will you pay all your medical bills?
  • When will you work again, or will you ever work again?
  • How will you emotionally cope with this difficult time?
  • When can you return to your normal daily activities?
  • Can you get compensation for your mental suffering?
  • Who can you count on to represent your best interests?
  • How much will your legal representation cost?

If you think someone else’s irresponsible behavior caused your injuries, you may have a personal injury claim. Next you have to figure out who to hire to represent you.

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Lewisville Personal Injury Attorney Kent Starr Gets You the Fair Compensation You Deserve

You have to be careful when choosing a personal injury attorney. Not all attorneys are the same.

Big firms often treat you like a number, aiming to settle your case as fast as possible to maximize their profit margin. Also, the lawyer you first meet may not do any of the real work on your case (he may let an inexperienced junior attorney do the work instead).

Other independent lawyers who own their practice may not be as aggressive as Kent. With Kent, you get personal service from someone unafraid to take your case as far as possible. Other inexperienced or unmotivated lawyers may tell you to settle when really your best choice is to go to court. You see, Kent’s always been an aggressive person. In college, he was a Golden Gloves boxer, and he also eventually earned a black belt. He doesn’t fight physically anymore. So now, he puts his fierce personal nature to use for you in the courtroom. Where other lawyers tell you to settle, Kent scores you big courtroom victories. Imagine having a lawyer on your side who’s not afraid to go to an intense trial to protect your rights!

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FAQ – Straight Answers to Tough Personal Injury Law Questions

How Do I Know If Someone Else’s Careless Behavior Caused my Injuries?

It’s not always clear. Certain types of personal injury cases, like medical malpractice, are hard to prove. With personal injury, you must have a “preponderance of the evidence.” In layman’s terms, this means it’s slightly easier to win a personal injury cases than it is to prosecute a criminal one (where you must prove “beyond a reasonable doubt”).

Many personal injury cases prove “negligence.” Legally, this means you must show:

  • The person alleged to have cause the injury (defendant) owed you (the plaintiff) a duty of care
  • The defendant failed to follow that duty of care
  • Your injury was in fact caused by the defendant
  • You suffered physical injuries as a result

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Personal injury law is complex, overwhelming, and frustrating. You need someone you can trust to guide you through the process and get you the maximum financial compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Lewisville, TX personal injury attorney Kent Starr does everything in his power to make that happen for you.

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