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1bb304_04fb1d6d9aae620bc65f6a4c4728f2ccYou’ve known about your neighbor’s nasty dog for years. It growls and barks at everyone in the neighborhood constantly. You know the dog is completely out of control. You’ve complained to the local police department about it several times.
They’ve issued multiple warnings and citations to your neighbor. But they still do not keep the dog on a leash, put it in its kennel, or build a fence around their yard. It has bolted out at you and your loved ones several times in recent years. Now, you or one of your family members has finally been attacked by the dog – something you’ve been expecting to happen for a long time. If your neighbor would have taken reasonable cautions, none of this ever would have happened. But now, you’re stuck dealing with unpleasant consequences because of the irresponsible actions of another person.

What Can Happen as a Result of a Dog Bite or Attack?

You’ve heard about the obvious consequences on television time and again:

  • Your children end up with severe facial deformations
  • You lose large amounts of flesh and muscle on your arms, legs, or thighs

But then, there’s all the other fallout that you never hear about, such as:

  • You potentially lose your ability to perform your job and financially provide for your family
  • The pain and suffering caused to you and your family while you or your loved one recovers from the injury
  • The high cost of the medical bills

Can you hold the dog’s owner responsible for all of those damages, and others you may experience?

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You must hold the dog’s owner accountable for their actions, and that happens in civil court. Typically, if they are a responsible person, they have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, and that usually covers dog bites and animal attacks.

Texas dog owner lawsKent has more than 17 years of experience aggressively advocating for the rights of victims like you in court. In his college years, he was a Golden Gloves boxer, and he also got a first degree black belt. He doesn’t fight physically anymore, but he does use that intensity to your advantage in court.

Many clients have been told by other personal injury attorneys that they should settle their cases. However, what often happens is that these lawyers are either inexperienced or unwilling to pursue their client’s rights to the maximum extent of the law. Because of his extensive experience and aggressive style, Kent often helps clients achieve much more satisfying legal outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Bites and Attacks

Who is responsible for the injuries caused by a dog bite?

Dog owners must control their dogs and have them on leashes, or contained in a kennel or in their home. If their dog attacks you, it is their responsibility to compensate you for your injuries.

What is a “dangerous dog?”

Legally, this gets fairly tricky. Dogs can be legally classified as “dangerous” based on the actions of their owner, the specific breed, and the specific actions of the dog in the past. Some jurisdictions can force owners to euthanize their dogs, while others can make them keep the dog under very strict control. Others may fine or jail the owner.

I know and like my neighbor and their dog attacked me. What do I do?

If you experienced significant injury that requires financial accountability from your neighbor, this is a tough situation. The good news is that when you file a civil action, the case is against their homeowner’s or renters insurance. It is not against them as an individual.

You will not be going after their personal finances. However, it still is a sensitive situation, but hopefully they’ll have an understanding attitude.

Can I do anything to prevent dog bites and attacks?

Ultimately, dogs are animals, and any breed can bite at any time. But, you can take some steps to minimize the chances you are the victim of such an attack:

  • Never approach a dog that’s sleeping, eating, chewing on a bone, or caring for their puppies.
  • When meeting a dog for the first time, children should always let dogs smell their closed hands first, in the presence of the owner.
  • Dogs protect their own space – never pet a dog you don’t know that’s on the other side of a fence.
  • Never approach a dog outside that you don’t know and that isn’t on a leash.
  • If you encounter a loose dog that you don’t know, avoid eye contact and stand very still. It’s likely the dog will lose interest and continue on its way.
  • If an aggressive dog knocks you or your child to the ground, curl up in a ball and interlock your fingers behind your neck. Stay still and quiet. Typically, the dog will lose interest and go on its way.
  • If a dog attacks you or your child, feed whatever you have to the dog. This could be a jacket, bag, bike, or any other object you have available on your person.
  • Never tease any dog you do or do not know.
  • Avoid playing aggressive games, even if you do know the dog. This shows them that aggression is okay, and they become more likely to attack in the future.

What are the most dangerous dog breeds?

Always remember, dogs are animals and any dog can attack if you startle it or it has learned to be aggressive through play. However, the dogs most likely to attack are:

  • Pit Bulls, which are often bred for dog fighting. This actually includes many breeds like the American Staffordshire terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier, and the American Bulldog.
  • German Sheperds, which are commonly used in police K-9 units. They’re not huge dogs, but they are fearless, confident, and alert. If not socialized properly, they can be very dangerous.
  • Rottweilers. These dogs are very strong. With responsible ownership, they are almost harmless. But many owners do not socialize them responsibly, which makes them very dangerous.
  • Doberman Pinschers. They were once used as guard and police dogs, and have a strong protective instinct. Typically, they only attack if they believe their family and property is in danger.
  • The Chow Chow. They come from China and are mid-size dogs – about 50-70 pounds. The breed is good at discerning friends from strangers, but the Chow Chow can be fiercely overprotective of its owner if not trained properly. Many times you have to purchase separate insurance to cover these dogs.
  • Boxers. Typically, Boxers are not aggressive by nature. However, they have been involved in many negative situations with humans, and can be fairly headstrong when they want.

What is the one-bite rule?

Many states, including Texas have this rule in their law. This is a rule 18 states use to determine if the dog’s owner is liable for the injuries the dog caused. The other 32 states have modified this rule to some degree.

In Texas law, this means that once your dog bites, or attempts to bite, then you know it is a dangerous dog and are liable from then on for any damages it causes. If your dog also simply growls or snaps at people, you also are held liable for any subsequent injurious action the dog takes.

If your dog has jumped on people or chases pedestrians and passers-by, or if people regularly complain about it, its actions can also fall under this rule. However, if it has a history of fighting with other dogs, barking at strangers, or if it is of a particular breed but hasn’t done anything dangerous previously, most likely you can’t be held liable for its actions.

Should you put up a warning sign?

Yes, you should. It is not an indicator that you know your dog is dangerous. If anything, it helps people avoid bites. And if you do have a dangerous dog, there’s almost certainly more evidence that supports that case.

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